Figure 4 in Tyrannosaurids (Dinosauria) of Asia and North America

K. Carpenter
Figure 4. Growth series for skulls of Tarbosaurus bataar: A-PIN 551-1 (holotype) with missing areas reconstructed from PIN 551-3 and GI SPS 100/59 (from photographs,Maleev, 1974,and Barsbold 1980);B-PIN 551-3 (holotype of Tyrannosaurus bataar) (from photographs and Maleev, 1974; the posterior margins of the squamosal and quadratojugal are apparently incomplete or curved away from the viewer, hence the different shape of these bones compared to the other skulls);C-GI SPS 100/59 (modified from Barsbold, 1980);D-PIN 552-2 (holotype...
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