gnuradio/volk: Release v2.2.0

Nathan West, Tom Rondeau, Jessica-Iwamoto, Josh Blum, Michael Dickens, Johnathan Corgan, Christoph Mayer, Jdemel, Andrej Rode, Marcus Müller, Doug , Carles Fernandez, Damian Miralles, Albin Stigo, Ryan Volz, Valerii Zapodovnikov, Tim O'Shea, Sylvain Munaut, Abhishek Bhowmick, Pascal Giard, Nicholas Corgan, Geof Nieboer, Albert Holguin, Namccart, Bstalk … & Clayton Smith
Hi everyone, we have a new VOLK release v2.2.0! We want to thank all contributors. This release wouldn't have been possible without them. We're curious about VOLK users. Especially we'd like to learn about VOLK users who use VOLK outside GNU Radio. If you have ideas for VOLK enhancements, let us know. Start with an issue to discuss your idea. We'll be happy to see new features get merged into VOLK. The v2.1.0 release was...
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