Fig. 7 in On a new species of the genus Cyprinotus (Crustacea, Ostracoda) from a temporary wetland in New Caledonia (Pacific Ocean), with a reappraisal of the genus

Koen Martens & Mehmet Yavuzatmaca and Janet Higuti
Fig. 7. Cyprinotus drubea sp. nov., ♀♀ A-1 juveniles. A. LVi (INV.156002/OC.3402). B. RVi (RBINS- INV.156002/OC.3402. C. CpRL (MNHN-UI-2019-781). D. CpLL (MNHN-UI-2019-779). E. CpD (MNHN-UI-2019-780). F. RVi, detail of anterior part (RBINS-INV.156002/OC.3402). G. CpRL, detail anterior (MNHN-UI-2019-781). H. LVi, detail of posterior part (RBINS-INV.156002/OC.3402). I. LVi, detail of anterior part (RBINS-INV.156002/OC.3402). Arrows indicate anterior side. Scale bars: A–E = 500 µm, F = 400 µm, G–I= 100 µm.
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