D2.1. Definition and classification of marginal lands suitable for industrial crops in Europe

B. Elbersen, E. van Eupen, S. Mantel, S. Verzandvoort, H. Boogaard, S. Mucher, T. Cicarreli, W. Elbersen, Z. Bai, Y. Iqbal, M. von Cossel, I. McCallum, J. Carrasco, C. Ciria Ramos, A. Monti, D. Scordia & I. Eleftheriadis
Context and objective The purpose of the work in WP 2 of the MAGIC project is to map, characterise and analyse projections for current and future marginal lands in Europe facing natural constraints and provide a spatially explicit classification that will serve as a basis for developing sustainable best-practice options for industrial crops in Europe.
This report provides an overview of definitions of and approaches to identify and map marginal lands. It will particularly...
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