embodied-computation-group/systole: v 0.1.2 - September 2020

Nicolas Legrand &
v0.1.2 (September 2020) New functions a. Add :py:func:systole.utils.to_rr(). for peaks or index vectors convertion to RR intervals b. Add :py:func:systole.recording.BrainVisionExG(), a class to read physio recording from BrainVision ExG products via TCP/IP connection. c. Add :py:func:systole.recording.findOximeter(), find the USB port where Nonin Oximeter is plugged by looping through the USB port and checking the input. d. Add :py:func:systole.detection.ecg_peaks(). A wrapper around py-ecg-detectors for basic ECG peaks detection. Enhancements a. Improved documentation and examples. b. Simplification...
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