Stage-resolved in-cloud scavenging of submicron and BC-containing particles: a case study

Yuxiang Yang, Qinhao Lin, Yuzhen Fu, Xiufeng Lian, Feng Jiang, Long Peng, Guohua Zhang, Lei Li, Donghong Chen, Mei Li, Jie Ou, Xinhui Bi, Xinming Wang & Guoying Sheng
The uploaded data contains (1) time series of meterological parameters (temperature,RH, wind direction,wind speed,PM2.5,visibility), LWC, mass concentration of EBC, number concentration of submicron particles and BC-containing particles, (2) size-resolved NSEs for different cloud stages of submicron and BC-containing particles, (3) mass spectrum plots and particle number of three types of BC-containing particles, (4) size distributions of SMPS and SPAMS, and (5) stage-resolved average NSEs and particle sizes for SPAMS detected particles.
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