CABLE model results submitted to TRENDYv6 in August 2017

Vanessa Haverd, Benjamin Smith, Josep G Canadell, Matthias Cuntz, Sara Mikaloff-Fletcher, Graham Farquhar, William Woodgate, Peter R Briggs & Cathy M Trudinger
These data are the results from the CABLE terrestrial biosphere model (TBM) submitted to the TRENDYv6 experiment, using the common protocols and forcing data described in documents/GlobalCarbonBudget_protocol_2017.pdf. The TRENDYv6 ensemble of TBMs, including CABLE, encapsulate mechanistic understanding of the terrestrial carbon cycle and are used to inform the global carbon budget. The results include four simulations, S0 to S3 described in the protocol as follows: Models can have dynamic vegetation but all will use observed...
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