Fig. 2 in Revision of the Eurybrachidae (XV). The Oriental genus Purusha Distant, 1906 with two new species and a key to the genera of Eurybrachini (Hemiptera: Fulgoromorpha: Eurybrachidae)

Jérôme Constant
Fig. 2. Purusha paradoxa (Gerstaecker, 1895), female genitalia (RMNH). A. Lateral view. B. Anterolateral view. C. Ventral view. D. Dorsal view. Abbreviations: An = anal tube; AS VII = seventh abdominal sternite; AV = anterior vagina; BC = bursa copulatrix; dr = portion of ductus receptaculi (remaining portion of dr and spermatheca missing); Gp = gonoplac; Gx VIII = gonocoxa VIII; Gy IX = gonapophysis IX; PV = posterior vagina.
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