Fig. 8 in Revision of the Eurybrachidae (XV). The Oriental genus Purusha Distant, 1906 with two new species and a key to the genera of Eurybrachini (Hemiptera: Fulgoromorpha: Eurybrachidae)

Jérôme Constant
Fig. 8. Purusha paradoxa (Gerstaecker, 1895), male genitalia. A. Pygofer, anal tube and gonostylus, left lateral view. B. Pygofer and gonostyli, ventral view. C. Posterodorsal process of left gonostylus, dorsal view. D. Anal tube, dorsal view. E. Aedeagus, dorsal view. F. Aedeagus, left lateral view. Abbreviations: An = anal tube; G = gonostyli; Py = pygofer. Scale bar = 1 mm.
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