Fig. 4 in A new species and first record of Vates Burmeister, 1838 from the Atlantic Rainforest (Mantodea: Vatinae)

Julio Rivera, João Felipe Herculano, Leonardo Moutinho Lanna, Sávio Cavalcante & Maria Lúcia França Teixeira
Fig. 4. Mid- and hind legs of Vates phoenix sp. nov., highlighting variation across male specimens. A–D. Mid femora. A. Holotype from Fazenda Recanto (MNRJ-ENT6-28441). B. Paratype from Reserva Ecológica de Guapiaçu (MNRJ-ENT6-28447). C. Paratype from Jussaral (MNRJ-ENT6-28449). D. Paratype from Angatuba (MNRJ-ENT6-28456). – E–F. Hind femora. E. Holotype from Fazenda Recanto (MNRJ-ENT6-28441). F. Paratype from Angatuba (MNRJ-ENT6-28456). – G–J. Mid tibiae. G. Holotype from Fazenda Recanto (MNRJ-ENT6-28441). H. Paratype from Reserva Ecológica de Guapiaçu...
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