Fig. 6 in A new species and first record of Vates Burmeister, 1838 from the Atlantic Rainforest (Mantodea: Vatinae)

Julio Rivera, João Felipe Herculano, Leonardo Moutinho Lanna, Sávio Cavalcante & Maria Lúcia França Teixeira
Fig. 6. Vates phoenix sp. nov., female morphology (both specimens are from Jardim Botânico do Rio de Janeiro), and head morphology of Vates spp. A. Head, frontal view, allotype (MNRJ-ENT6-28442). – B–C. Variation in ocellar tubercles (not to scale). B. Allotype (collected in 2018; MNRJ-ENT6-28442). C. Paratype (collected in 1935; MNRJ-ENT6-28455). – D. Pronotum, dorsal view, allotype (MNRJ- ENT6-28442). – E–H. Mid- and hind legs, allotype (MNRJ-ENT6-28442). E. Mid-femur, detail of distal section. F. Hind...
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