Fig. 14 in A revision of the genus Rudolfina Roháček (Sphaeroceridae: Limosininae)

Steven Mark Paiero & Stephen A. Marshall
Fig. 14. Rudolfina newtoni sp. nov., male terminalia (A–E: debu01086234; F: debu01086234). A. Epandrium, surstylus and cercus, caudal view. B. Same as preceding, lateral view. C. Sternites 4 and 5, ventral view. D. Phallus, dorsal view. E. Phallus, dorsolateral view. F. Phallus and postgonite, lateral view. Scale bars: A–B = 0.10 mm; C = 0.10 mm; D–F = 0.05 mm.
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