Fig. 1 in Contribution to chromosome numbers and phylogeny of Turkish Vincetoxicum Wolf (Apocynaceae, Asclepiadoideae)

Seher Güven, Serdar Makbul & Kamil Coşkunçelebi
Fig. 1. Somatic metaphase chromosome (1 = light microscope; 2 = outline drawing). a. Vincetoxium canescens (Willd.) Decne. subsp. canescens (Güven 36 & Makbul, 2n=22). b. V. canescens (Willd.) Decne. subsp. pedunculata Browicz (Güven 51 & Makbul, 2n=22). c. V. funebre Boiss. & Kotschy (Güven 126 & Makbul, 2n=22). d. V. fuscatum (Hornem.) Rchb. subsp. boissieri (Kusn.) Browicz (Güven 35 & Makbul, 2n=44). e. V. fuscatum (Hornem.) Rchb. subsp. fuscatum (Güven 93 & Makbul, 2n=44)....
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