Fig. 2. A–F in Pseudotelegeusis meloi sp. nov., the first Telegeusinae from Peru (Coleoptera: Omethidae, Telegeusinae)

André Silva Roza, Robert Constantin & José Ricardo Miras Mermudes
Fig. 2. A–F. Pseudotelegeusis meloi sp. nov., holotype from Madre de Dios, CICRA. A. Habitus. B. Detail of head and pronotum. C. Right antenna. D. Aedeagus, dorsal view. E. Tergites IX–X, dorsal view. F. Sternite IX, ventral view. G–I. Pseudotelegeusis howdeni Wittmer, 1976 specimen from French Guiana. G. Tergites IX–X, dorsal view. H. Sternite IX, ventral view. I. Right antenna. J. Aedeagus, dorsal view.
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