Fig. 2 in A new western Atlantic snapping shrimp of the Alpheus macrocheles group (Caridea, Alpheidae) revealed by morphological, molecular and color data

Guidomar O. Soledade, Mariana Terossi, Justin A. Scioli, Fernando Luis Mantelatto & Alexandre O. Almeida
Fig. 2. Alpheus ramosportoae sp. nov., paratype, ♂, from seamounts of the North Chain, Ceará, northeastern Brazil (MOUFPE 13703). A. Major cheliped, lateral view. B. Same, mesial view. C. Minor cheliped, lateral view. D. Same, mesial view. E. Major chela dactylus, mesial view, detail of plunger. F–G. Detail of spiniform setae on ischium and propodus of major and minor chelae, respectively. Scale bars: A–E = 1 mm; F–G = 0.5 mm.
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