Fig. 4 in A new western Atlantic snapping shrimp of the Alpheus macrocheles group (Caridea, Alpheidae) revealed by morphological, molecular and color data

Guidomar O. Soledade, Mariana Terossi, Justin A. Scioli, Fernando Luis Mantelatto & Alexandre O. Almeida
Fig. 4. Alpheus ramosportoae sp. nov. from off Recife, state of Pernambuco, northeastern Brazil. A–C. Color pattern in life of the species. A. Body color pattern, lateral view. B. Coloration of major (mesial view) and minor (lateral view) chelipeds. C. Coloration of pleon, lateral view. D–F. Substrates where the specimens were obtained. D. Calcareous algae, sponges and sandy sediment clusters. E. External appearance of rhodolith fragments. F. Detail of a fragment of rhodolith broken in...
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