Fig. 49 in Taxonomy and biostratigraphy of the elasmobranchs and bony fishes (Chondrichthyes and Osteichthyes) of the lower-to-middle Eocene (Ypresian to Bartonian) Claiborne Group in Alabama, USA, including an analysis of otoliths

Jun A. Ebersole, David J. Cicimurri & Gary L. Stringer
Fig. 49. Pseudaetobatus belli Cicimurri & Ebersole, 2015, teeth. A–E. MSC 35048, holotype, lower median tooth, lower Tallahatta Formation. A. Oral view. B. Basal view. C. Labial view. D. Lingual view. E. Profile view. F–K. MSC 35054, paratype, lower right distal–most lateral tooth, lower Tallahatta Formation. F. Oral view. G. Basal view. H. Labial view. I. Lingual view. J. Distal view. K. Mesial view. L–P. MSC 35058, paratype, upper? median tooth, lower Tallahatta Formation. L....
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