Energy company survey of the MEDEA project

Rasheed Abdul, Hashim Ahmed, Jakab Antal, Taccori Daniele, Iannucci Giorgio, Ahmed Jasim, Dayan Lu, Troon Marko, Osadiaye Osadebamwen, Prosperino Silvia, Ahmed Shakir & Mohamed Yousfi
This is a data set and supporting presentations to the "Breakthrough Technologies and Incremental Innovation: the Edge of Innovation in Oil and Gas industry, Level of R&D expenditure Versus Results in the Energy Companies" paper and presentation presented at the 2009 Corporate University in Milan, Italy. The data set and supporting presentations cover: Presentation - Environment Economy-Environmental Kuznets Curve Presentation - Solar Modules Projects Paper - Strategic Environmental Assessment simulation exercise Presentation - The procurement...
2 citations reported since publication in 2009.
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