Allobates granti Kok, MacCulloch, Gaucher, Poelman, Bourne, Lathrop & Lenglet 2006

Antoine Fouquet, Nicolas Vidal & Maël Dewynter
Allobates granti (Kok, MacCulloch, Gaucher, Poelman, Bourne, Lathrop & Lenglet, 2006) TYPE LOCALITY. — French Guiana, Saül.DISTRIBUTION. — Eastern Guiana Shield, although remarkably absent from brazilian northern Amapá.TAXONOMIC REMARKS. — This species harbours a marked genetic structure between the Surinamese, the French Guiana, and the northern Pará populations that may suggest the existence of several species. However, the population of the Mitaraka massif unambiguously belongs to the nominal species.HABITAT IN MITARAKA. — It is associated...
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