Fig. 2 in Growing up Tyrannosaurus rex: Osteohistology refutes the pygmy \"Nanotyrannus\" and supports ontogenetic niche partitioning in juvenile Tyrannosaurus

Holly N. Woodward, Katie Tremaine, Scott A. Williams, Lindsay E. Zanno, John R. Horner & Nathan Myhrvold
Fig. 2. Tibia histology of tyrannosaurid specimens BMRP 2002.4.1 and BMRP 2006.4.4. (A) Transverse mid-cortex thin section of BMRP 2002.4.1. Longitudinal POs are evident, and PPL emphasizes osteocyte lacuna density and variability in shape within laminae. CPL reveals varying birefringence associated with bone fiber orientation, but with a weak arrangement of fibers parallel to the transverse plane of section. Many POs are composed of highly isotropic fibers with rounded osteocyte lacunae. (B) Longitudinal thin section...
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