FIG. 3 in Tyrannosaur cannibalism: A case of a tooth-traced tyrannosaurid bone in the Lance Formation (Maastrichtian), Wyoming

Matthew A. McLain, David Nelsen, Keith Snyder, Christopher T. Griffin, , Leonard R. Brand & Arthur V. Chadwick
FIG. 3.—Details of Knethichnus parallelum and Linichnus serratus traces on SWAU HRS13997. A) Most prominent K. parallelum (center) and L. serratus (bottom) examples. B) Most prominent L. serratus in more detail and a different lighting angle. Small portion of the most prominent K. parallelum is also visible in the lower right corner. C) Detailed view of the other, less prominent L. serratus (left) and K. parallelum (right) traces. All scale bars = 1 mm.
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