Haliclona (Flagellia) anataria Levi & Levi 1983, subgen. et comb. nov.

Rob W. M. Van Soest
Haliclona (Flagellia) anataria (Lévi & Lévi, 1983)subgen. et comb. nov. Gellius anatarius Lévi & Lévi, 1983: 976, fig. 37. Description (from Lévi & Lévi 1983) Small grey specimen of 2 × 4 mm encrusting the internal valve of a bivalve mollusk. The surface and interior is clathrate, with cavities of 0.5–2 mm diameter. The skeletal architecture is reticulated and irregularly unispicular. Oxeas are 650–800 × 25–30 μm, flagellosigmas ovoid with upturned long endings and wide-angled...
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