Eulibitia castor Medrano & Kury 2017, sp. nov.

Miguel Medrano & Adriano B. Kury
Eulibitia castor sp. nov. 954AC9A9-0ECB-4790-82D8-AEDE8D09C14E Figs 5–7, 34 Diagnosis Paramedian tubercles of areas I, III and posterior margin of scutum acuminate (Fig. 5E), tubercles of posterior margin higher than wide and slanted backwards (Fig. 5A, D–E). Ladder mask only present in the scutal groove between areas I and II (Fig. 6A). Coda short and mid-bulge symmetrical (Fig. 6A), clavi inguines composed of two tubercles. DS shape is very similar to that in E. pollux...
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