Megarhyssa Ashmead 1900

Pascal Rousse & Simon Van Noort
Genus Megarhyssa Ashmead, 1900 Thalessa Holmgren, 1859: 122. Megalorhyssa Shulz, 1906: 115. Eurhyssa Derksen, 1941: 721. Diagnosis (updated from Townes 1969) Large to very large insects (fore wing length 10–30 mm); clypeus small, transversely rectangular, ventral margin laterally and sometimes medially bluntly produced; occipital and hypostomal carinae joining above mandible base; mandibular teeth subequal, lower tooth pointed and upper tooth more or less chisel shaped; propodeum of moderate length, without carina dorsally but pleural carina...
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