Megarhyssa babaulti Seyrig 1937

Pascal Rousse & Simon Van Noort
Megarhyssa babaulti Seyrig, 1937 Fig. 12 Megarhyssa babaulti kapangaensis Seyrig, 1937: 116. Megarhyssa babaulti kapangaensis var. rubra Benoit, 1951: 385. Megarhyssa babaulti kapangaensis var. rubrerrima Benoit, 1951: 385. Diagnosis Head orange with a black part of variable extent; mesosoma orange, posterior third sometimes dark brown; metasoma mostly black with pale yellow or orange markings of variable extent; flagellum twocolored, basally black and apically orange; wings blackish with lighter patch of variable extent; face moderately punctate...
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