Oxypleurodon leonis Lee & Forges 2017, sp. nov.

Bee Yan Lee, Bertrand Richer De Forges & Peter K. L. Ng
Oxypleurodon leonis sp. nov. urn:lsid:zoobank.org:act: AB7D2D15-4E55-4F8C-AD73-76157AD6ECF3 Figs 4B, 5 A–C, 6A–D Diagnosis Small species, carapace pyriform, bearing plates and obtuse spines, covered by continuous short tomentum. Short diverging pseudorostral spines, long setae on inner border. Postocular plate small, flattened, forming cavity protecting eye. Hepatic plate elongate dorso-ventrally, with concave surface. Carapace border with long, narrow sub-branchial plate. Dorsal carapace bearing several swellings with blunt spines covered by short round setae: 1 mediogastric, 2 epigastrics, 1...
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