Mastigotragus Young & Vecchione & Braid 2014, gen. nov.

Richard E. Young, Michael Vecchione & Heather E. Braid
Mastigotragus gen. nov. 5F1DDC20-A391-4B52-BA8A-23FFC9F7888D Type species: Mastigoteuthis pyrodes Young, 1972, by monotypy. Diagnosis A mastigoteuthid with (1) numerous small, but easily observed integumental photophores on the ventral surface of arms IV, on the dorsal and ventral surfaces of the head, mantle and fins, and with a relatively large photophore on each eyelid; (2) a broad funnel component of the funnel/mantle locking apparatus, with strong tragus, but without antitragus or undercut posterior margin; (3) comparatively...
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