Pseudopomyza (Apops) arenae Mcalpine 2019, sp. nov.

David K. Mcalpine
Pseudopomyza (Apops) arenae sp. nov. 0475448A-4BA6-428E-8AC5-70FA8EA241F1 Figs 3–12 Holotype ♂. Tasmania: The Neck, Bruny Island ["Penguin Rookery" on some maps, c. 43˚17'S 147˚21'E], 16–18. iii.2005, B. J. Day & D. K. McAlpine (AM K.493926). Mounted on card point. Paratypes. Tasmania: 1♂, 6♀♀, same data as holotype (AM K.540941–944, K.556230–231; CNC [with register number K.515414]). Description (♂, ♀). Small, shining black moderately robust fly, with clear wings and dark legs. Coloration. Head largely brown-black, with...
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