Microepicausta gracilis Hendel, Bronte 1914

David K. Mcalpine
Microepicausta gracilis Hendel Figs 1–3 Microepicausta gracilis Hendel, 1914a: 54, pl. 5, figs 101, 102 (no specific description); 1914b: 85–86 (description). Elassogaster terrae-reginae Malloch, 1928: 352–353; Malloch, 1931: 22, syn. nov. Type material. I made the following notes on type material of M. gracilis in MNM, Budapest, in April 1973: holotype♀, i.e. specimen of which both head and wing were figured [Hendel, 1914a, pl. 5, figs 101, 102], Australia, L. Biró 1900, Sydney Botany B....
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