Microepicausta fenestra Mcalpine 2019, sp. nov.

David K. Mcalpine
Microepicausta fenestra sp. nov. http://zoobank.org/NomenclaturalActs/ 2AB7C9FE-2818-4717-94BD-29DF293A384F Figs 4–7 Holotype ♂. Queensland: 13 km W of Musgrave [14°48'S143°23'E, 220 m], 14.i.1994, G.D., A.D., R.E., mercury vapour lamp (AM K.504392). Double-mounted on micro-pin through polyporus. Paratypes. Queensland: same data as holotype 1♂, 2♀♀ (AM). Other material. Northern Territory: Rimbija I., Wessel Islands, [11°01'S136°45'E], Feb. 1977, T.A.W., R.A.B., 1♂ (AM), 3♂♂, 1♀ (ANIC). Description (♂, ♀). Somewhat elongate black, largely shining fly. Coloration. Head with largely black to...
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