Platypalpus bolikoi Grootaert & Shamshev 2014, sp. nov.

Patrick Grootaert & Igor Shamshev
Platypalpus bolikoi sp. nov. F1FB7470-9502-4B74-B175-4C76BC47E5F4 Figs 1–5 Diagnosis Small black species of the pallidiventris-cursitans group. One pair of verticals. Postpedicel short, 1.5 times as long as wide. Thorax faintly tomentose on scutum. Legs including all coxae yellow, but mid femur brownish dorsally and hind femur dark brown on apical 2/3, apical half of tarsomere 5 of all legs brownish; large pointed apical spur on mid tibia. Etymology The species is dedicated to Mr. Lola...
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