Diplopeltoides pumilus Vincx & Gourbault 1992, comb. nov.

Oleksandr Holovachov & Sven Boström
Diplopeltoides pumilus (Vincx & Gourbault, 1992)comb. nov. Fig. 8; Table 5 Diagnosis Diplopeltoides pumilus is characterised by by a body of 0.43–0.58 mm long; cuticle with longitudinal striation; cuticularised plate absent; cephalic sensilla setiform, 2–3 µm long; amphidial fovea an inverted U-shape, 8–17 µm long and 8–11 µm wide in female and 13–19 µm long and 8–9 µm wide in male; narrow space between amphidial branches not ornamented; secretory-excretory pore indistinct; tail conoid; testes opposed;...
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