Cymonomus brevis Ahyong 2019, sp. nov.

Shane T. Ahyong
Cymonomus brevis sp. nov. 7BCA2CEE-DEE6-4C00-AC5F-82982D41957D Figs 8, 9 Holotype: NIWA 76191, spent female (cl 3.2 mm, pcl 2.7 mm, cw 3.1 mm), Bay of Plenty, New Zealand, 35°47.80'S175°13.00'E, 151 m, NZOI stn I4, 2 May 1975. Description of holotype. Carapace quadrate, almost square, lateral margins weakly divergent posteriorly; regions weakly indicated, cervical groove weakly indicated; lower pterygostomian region swollen; anterior and anterolateral surfaces with few long, fine setae, other surfaces sparsely setose. Anterolateral spine...
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