FIG. 4 in Tyrannosaur cannibalism: A case of a tooth-traced tyrannosaurid bone in the Lance Formation (Maastrichtian), Wyoming

Matthew A. McLain, David Nelsen, Keith Snyder, Christopher T. Griffin, , Leonard R. Brand & Arthur V. Chadwick
FIG. 4.—Histology of a Tyrannosaurus rex metatarsal (SWAU HRS13997) in cross section under different light regimes. A) Section of cortical bone from the medullary cavity (left) to the subperiosteal surface (right) under regularly transmitted light. Boxes show where areas of this bone are shown in higher detail under regularly transmitted light (B, F, J), cross-polarized light (C, G, K), cross-polarized light with a waveplate (D, H, L), and reflected light (E, I, M). Scale bar...
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