gwastro/pycbc: PyCBC release v1.16.10

Alex Nitz, Ian Harry, Duncan Brown, Christopher M. Biwer, Josh Willis, Tito Dal Canton, Collin Capano, , Thomas Dent, Andrew R. Williamson, Gareth S Davies, , Miriam Cabero, Bernd Machenschalk, , Steven Reyes, Duncan Macleod, , Francesco Pannarale, Thomas Massinger, Márton Tápai, Leo Singer, Sumit Kumar, Sebastian Khan, Stephen Fairhurst … & Iain Dorrington
This is the v1.16.10 release of PyCBC. This is a point release which contains some updates to statistics using PSD variation and allowing triggers at certain times to be manually removed from significance calculations on the command line A Docker container for this release is available from the pycbc/pycbc-el7 repository on Docker Hub and can be downloaded using the command: docker pull pycbc/pycbc-el7:v1.16.10 On a machine with CVMFS installed, a pre-built virtual environment is...
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