Aerosol particle formation in the upper residual layer: dataset

Janne Lampilahti, Katri Leino, Antti Manninen, Pyry Poutanen, Anna Franck, Maija Peltola, Paula Hietala, Lisa Beck, Lubna Dada, Lauriane Quéléver, Ronja Öhrnberg, Ying Zhou, Madeleine Ekblom, Ville Vakkari, Sergej Zilitinkevich, Veli-Matti Kerminen, Tuukka Petäjä & Markku Kulmala
This dataset contains the following data: -Doppler lidar measurements from Hyytiälä, Finland (May 1-2, 2017)
-Ion spectrometer data from Hyytiälä, Finland (May 2, 2017)
-Airborne measurement data from southern Finland using an instrumented Cessna 172 (several campaigns between 2011-2018)
-New particle formation event classifications from Hyytiälä, Finland
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