iSDAsoil: soil fine-earth bulk density for Africa predicted at 30 m resolution at 0-20 and 20-50 cm depths

Tomislav Hengl, Matt Miller, Josip Križan & Milan Kilibarda
iSDAsoil dataset soil fine-earth bulk density in 10×kg/m3 predicted at 30 m resolution for 0–20 and 20–50 cm depth intervals. Data has been projected in WGS84 coordinate system and compiled as COG. Predictions have been generated using multi-scale Ensemble Machine Learning with 250 m (MODIS, PROBA-V, climatic variables and similar) and 30 m (DTM derivatives, Landsat, Sentinel-2 and similar) resolution covariates. For model training we use a pan-African compilations of soil samples and profiles (iSDA...
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