usaybia/srophe-eXist-app: Pre-release version 0.5.1-beta

Winona Salesky, Nathan P. Gibson, Daniel Schwartz, , David Michelson, , William L Potter & Bridget Almas
This release is intended for testing the web application used on the website. It is intended to be used with data from the usaybia-data repository and has been tested with version 0.4-beta of the data. The .xar package should be installed in eXist-db 5.x. You can also make your own .xar of the application by downloading this repo and running ant in the repo directory. Changes v0.5.1-alpha flyer images for forum program ## v0.5.1-alpha...
This data repository is not currently reporting usage information. For information on how your repository can submit usage information, please see our documentation.