Evolutionary pathways leading to Sequential Binary Black Hole Mergers

Vigna-Gómez &
Schematical representations of the evolutionary pathways leading to sequential binary black hole mergers as presented in the paper "Massive Stellar Triples Leading to Sequential Binary Black-Hole Mergers in the Field". Contents: ./sequential_mergers_illustrations/ final.* A/ panel_A.* */ A1 A2_1 A2_2 A2_3 A2_4 A2_5 B/ panel_B.* */ B_1 B_2 B_3 B_4 B_5 B2_1 B2_2 B2_3 B2_4 B2_5 C/ panel_C.* */ C_1 C_2 C_3 C_4 The asterisk (*) corresponds to the string "pdf", "png" or "jpg" which indicates...
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