CliMA/Oceananigans.jl: v0.44.2

Ali Ramadhan, Gregory L. Wagner, Navid C. Constantinou, , Francis J. Poulin, Andre Nogueira Souza, Alex Cavaliere, Tim Besard, Tomas Chor, , Mohan Sha, Valentin Churavy, Chris Hill, , Julia TagBot, Matthieu Ancellin, & Gael Forget
Oceananigans v0.44.2 Diff since v0.44.1 Closed issues: Multiple warnings about "incremental compilation may be fatally broken for this module" (#537) Change contributor's guide to ColPrac (#1044) More powerful and elegant benchmarking framework (#1088) When multithreading use 4 times more threads for FFTW (#1113) run!(simulation, pickup=true) should work even with zero checkpoints (#1159) NetCDF output writer should append by default if file already exists (#1160) invalid assignment location (#1164) Making room for ShallowWaterModel (#1165) Accidental double...
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