FIGURE 7. Adeonellopsis macewindui n in New species of Adeonellopsis (Bryozoa: Adeonidae) from southern Zealandia and the western Tasman Sea

Lee Hsiang Liow & Dennis P. Gordon
FIGURE 7. Adeonellopsis macewindui n. sp.: A. En face view of marginal vicarious avicularium with open-channelled rostral tip (NIWA 101582). B. Suboral avicularium with closed mandible (NIWA 142878). C. Suboral avicularium with open mandible (NIWA 142878). D. Branch margin with vicarious avicularium and a proximal series of small aviculiferous cystids (NIWA 101582). E. Ephebic zooids showing accessory frontal adventitious avicularia with varied positions and orientations (some examples arrowed) (NIWA 74801). F. Nested suboral avicularia (NIWA...
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