FIGURE 16. Adeonellopsis gracilis n in New species of Adeonellopsis (Bryozoa: Adeonidae) from southern Zealandia and the western Tasman Sea

Lee Hsiang Liow & Dennis P. Gordon
FIGURE 16. Adeonellopsis gracilis n. sp. (NIWA 146097): A. Bifurcating stem. B. Autozooids transitioning from neanic to ephebic. C. Ephebic autozooids with spiramen buried in secondary calcification, resulting in only a single outer opening. D. Close-up of peristomial orifice, transversely opposed suboral avicularia and transitioning spiramen. E. elongate-triangular spiramen of neanic autozooid (NIWA 146099). Scalebars: A, 1 mm; B, 200 μm; C, 300 μm; D, 100 μm; E, 50 μm.
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