Missing Links in Paternal Haplogroup J1-M267. Filling in the J1-M267 Phylogenetic Gap. Two Mesolithic Clades of Human Y chromosome haplogroup J1-M267: J1-FGC6064 and J1-ZS6599.

Ricardo Costa de Oliveira
Abstract: Y chromosome haplogroup J1-M267 has been investigated by many authors in several recent articles and studies, but some important basal branches have not been included or are unknown in previous articles. We are going to investigate the Northern Middle Eastern phylogenetic structure, the spatial and ethnic locations of Human Y chromosome haplogroup J1>M267>FGC6064 and J1>M267>ZS6599 strategic branches for the dispersion of the J1 haplogroup. We study high-coverage whole Y chromosome sequences and results of...
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