Thin layer chromatographic separation of anions by naturally occurring mixed oxides impregnated plates

, Alok Kumar Mukhopadhyaya &
Department of Chemistry, Vidyasagar College, Suri-731 101, India Department of E.T.C.E., Jadavpur University, Kolkata-700 032, India Manuscript received 17 July 2000, revised 23 February 2001, accepted 31 March 2001 A naturally occurring clay mineral of the mixed oxides of silicon, aluminium, iron and titanium of composition SiO2, 45.70; Al2O3, 36.60; TiO2, 2.50; Fe2O3 , 1.21%, has been processed. Systematic separation of different anions by TLC plates coated with this natural inorganic ion exchanger is...
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