tardis-sn/tardis: TARDIS v3.0.dev3442

Wolfgang Kerzendorf, Stuart Sim, Christian Vogl, Marc Williamson, Ezequiel Pássaro, Andreas Flörs, Yssa Camacho, Vytautas Jančauskas, Alice Harpole, Ulrich Nöbauer, Stefan Lietzau, Mikhail Mishin, Fotis Tsamis, Aoife Boyle, Luke Shingles, Vaibhav Gupta, Karan Desai, Michael Klauser, Frederik Beaujean, Adam Suban-Loewen, Epson Heringer, Barnabás Barna, Gaurav Gautam, Talytha Barbosa, Maryam Patel … & Pratik Patel
Changes: b16b1eda78936fa2264684e2bd9196ea811a9888 Fixed crash when integrating in parallel. Crash was previously caused by a double free error. Removing the last call to free caused the spectrum to be computed incorrectly, indicating that the structure of the parallelism was at fault. I removed the firstprivate declaration from the first call to omp parallel as there was no need to make copies of the pointers for each thread (was this even a reasonable thing to do since...
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