GiovineItalia/Gadfly.jl: v1.3.1

Daniel C. Jones, Ben Arthur, Tamas Nagy, , Shashi Gowda, , Tim Holy, Andreas Noack, , Darwin Darakananda, Adam B, Iain Dunning, Simon Leblanc, Keno Fischer, David Chudzicki, Morten Piibeleht, Alex Mellnik, Dave Kleinschmidt, Tom Breloff, , Joey Huchette, Mike J Innes, , John Verzani, Artem Pelenitsyn … & Gerhard Aigner
Gadfly v1.3.1 Diff since v1.3.0 Closed issues: Text too big on plots (#405) Contour plot with all lines in one color (#527) Colors and Legend with Gadfly - how can I control them? (#974) Switch to attobot for releases? (#1016) No method matching isfinite for nullable Int64 (#1083) subplot_grid not working with Scale (#1218) How to make lines with Julia using Gadfly (Facility location problem)? (#1337) Weird stacking of layers (#1391) Out of curiosity, when...
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