EpistasisLab/tpot: TPOT v0.11.1 Minor Release

Randy Olson, , Nathan , , , Tom Augspurger, , Sebastian Raschka, , , , , Geoffrey Bradway, , Jose Ortiz, Michal Ficek, , , , Ted , James Myatt, Anderson Chaves, , Pietro , Matt Ritter … &
Fix compatibility issue with scikit-learn v0.22 warm_start now saves both Primitive Sets and evaluatedpipelines from previous runs; Fix the error that TPOT assign wrong fitness scores to non-evaluated pipelines (interrupted by max_min_mins or KeyboardInterrupt) ; Fix the bug that mutation operator cannot generate new pipeline when template is not default value and warm_start is True; Fix the bug that max_time_mins cannot stop optimization process when search space is limited. Fix a bug in exported codes...
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