AlgebraicJulia/Catlab.jl: v0.8.1

Evan Patterson, Micah Halter, , , James , Chris De Graaf, Felix Cremer & Julia TagBot
Catlab v0.8.1 Diff since v0.8.0 Closed issues: Universal morphisms for (co)limits in FinSet (#238) Merged pull requests: Universal properties of limits and colimits in FinSet (#269) (@epatters) C-set morphisms (#270) (@epatters) Limits of C-sets (#271) (@epatters) Colimits of C-sets (#273) (@epatters) Colimits of attributed C-sets (#274) (@epatters) General substitution of undirected wiring diagrams (#275) (@epatters) Don't restrict to DataType in C-set attributes (#277) (@epatters)
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