Trypillia mega-sites of the Ukraine

J C Chapman, Bisserka Gaydarska, Marco Nebbia, Andrew Millard, Bruce Albert, Duncan Hale, Mark Woolston-Houshold, Stuart Johnston, Edward Caswell, Manuel Arroyo-Kalin, Tuuka Kaikkonen, Joe Roe, Adrian Boyce, Oliver Craig, Dan Miller, Sophia Arbeiter, Natalia Shevchenko, Vitalii Rud, Mikhail Videiko, Konstantin Krementski &
After a trial season in 2009, in which we evaluated the functionality of an Anglo-Ukrainian partnership and our working methods, the Project defined seven objectives for investigation in 2012 - 2016: (1) the derivation of an accurate settlement plan of Nebelivka, using a combination of modern geophysical investigations of the entire site with satellite imagery from the 1960s onwards to reveal changes in site preservation (METHOD 2.1); (2) the production of an internal chronological sequence...
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