Soil biological activity in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, Ukraine, September 2005 and spring 2016

C.L. Barnett, S. Gashchak, C. Wells, A. Maksimenko, J. Chaplow, M.D. Wood, N.R. Parekh & N.A. Beresford
Data comprise site location, soil chemistry (pH, soil moisture), soil radionuclide activity concentrations (the isotopes measured were: Americium-241, Caesium-137, Plutonium-238, -239 and -240, Strontium-90 (K-40 and U-238 activity concentrations were estimated from stable element data) and soil biological activity (derived from application of bait lamina sticks) at 18 sites in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone (CEZ), Ukraine in 2016; data for four sites in 2005 are also presented. Estimate absorbed radionuclide dose rates to soil invertebrates...
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